Just yesterday, over at Cardnial Guzman’s, I noticed a very interesting challenge that completely had me going if it weren’t for the high temperatures here in Delhi. It’s hitting 40 C and it’ll only get worse. But then I remembered this particular photograph. This was taken on my recent trip to Chandigarh (I’ve posted pictures from it here, here, and here), and I had to post it.

Featuring: Debabrat Sukla

My first feature! Debabrat Sukla is a talented photographer and graphic designer, and a very dear friend of mine. Here’s his shot from the day before’s squall.


Yesterday’s post had 8 photos instead of the 10 I had planned (Some WP sorcery). I plan to post the rest tomorrow. Keep watching this space!


Friend, brother, critic and nemesis, Mihir Vatsa recently embellished one of my shots with his characteristic excellent free verse.


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Keep watching this space for the original, unedited photograph, and some more bonus shots from the golden sunset Delhi witnessed post last evening’s tempest.


P.S: It was brought to my notice that I tend to take people for granted. Coming from a very dear friend, I would be lying if I said it didn’t hurt. It is things like this that make you question your existence and the garb you don. Are you really who you think you are and are you projecting it successfully? Do you really love the people you do? Do you ensure they know of this, for what use is it if they don’t? Are you living a delusion too? It seems I am.

Well, to the friend, just know, I’m quite ashamed and deeply apologetic.

My experiments with Fire

Ye ishq nahin aasaan, bas itna samajh leeje

Ik aag ka dariya hai aur doob ke jaana hai

– Ghalib





These photos are the result of a bored evening at home. They are straight out of the camera (Picmarkr was used for watermarking, but apart from that, no post-processing was involved). Also, I chose not to include a translation for Ghalib’s couplet for no translation can ever match the original.

So, which one is your favorite? Let me know! 🙂