Just yesterday, over at Cardnial Guzman’s, I noticed a very interesting challenge that completely had me going if it weren’t for the high temperatures here in Delhi. It’s hitting 40 C and it’ll only get worse. But then I remembered this particular photograph. This was taken on my recent trip to Chandigarh (I’ve posted pictures from it here, here, and here), and I had to post it.


6 thoughts on “Ablaze

  1. That slight lensflare makes it all the more interesting… n those dry forked out branches is getting me in some certain ‘X-Files’ deja vu…

  2. Thanks for the pingback!
    Chandigarh achha lakta hai (probably my spelling is all bad, but hopefully you’ll get the meaning).
    I was there for quite a while, in Sector 40. It’s a well organised city. The man made lake is great and the stone-park, but my favourite must be just hanging out at some of the cafees. I remember that I was surprised to find “western” cafees in Chandigarh.

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