About Face

Kriti Sharma has written over a dozen best-selling novels, including the Booker Prize Winning “This Ain’t Twilight. This is Hell” and the succesful “Marry Focker” series. She has won virtually every award ever created including the prestigious 5th grade Sports Day Participation certificate.

When asked about her passion for photography, she said – “I name all my gadgets. Right now, Fawkes is pissed I haven’t shut him down for over three days and Saphira hates him for all the attention he gets. Castalia too has begun rebelling by going blank everytime I have to make an important call and James Marsden is just sad I haven’t taken him out of his plastic casing yet. So, what did you want to know again?”

Here you can see her in her natural habitat, signing an important movie deal over a fantastic lunch of Lay’s Masala Magic –Β Squirrel Tales

About her illustrious career, she writes, “I read sometimes. They all suck. I’m the effing best.” Ms. Sharma lives in a posh area in Delhi and spends her time between watching daily soaps and teaching her dog how to shit outside her house.

(Note: There used to be a list of ’10 ridiculously random things’ here. That was before my family started visiting this blog.)


21 thoughts on “About Face

  1. I love your tag line about everyone lying…fornicating and lying…I work in public health, specifically with sexually transmitted diseases…and I agree with you…everyone IS fornincating and lying…and they do it so well. πŸ™‚

    • You’re quite right, they certainly are! Both literally and metaphorically, fornicating as well and lying and lying about fornicating. πŸ™‚

      It’s interesting how this quote came about. I am absolutely certain I read it Umberto Eco’s Pendulum, but there’s no proof. You see, I was reading the book one night and I have this habit of nothing down ideas and quotes, I remember I was quite sleepy when I wrote this down. Next morning when I woke up and checked the diary again as well as the pages I had read the day before, I could not find the quote.
      I figured Google might dispel all doubts, but no. I couldn’t find any reference to Eco and/or this quote. So now I have absolutely no clue where this came about and why. It’s just there. πŸ™‚

  2. Hii, I’ve nominated your blog for an award, kindly check the link below, and confirm it when you have the time…Sorry for the late intimation!


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