Philips Foodathon at V Spot Cafe Bar

Philips Foodathon promised to be a one-of-its-kind event. While it was certainly interesting, it wasn’t exactly the food lovers’ paradise it offered to be. The Venue, V Spot Cafe Bar, left much to be desired in terms of services and space.

The event got delayed by almost an hour and started off slow, but I wasn’t complaining because that gave me a chance to catch up with a lot of fellow bloggers. Sid from opened with a general discussion about the influencing nature of bloggers in almost all walks of life and even more so when it comes to food.

This was followed by a lovely lady from Philips who showcased their latest range of air-fryers. Equipped with Philips’ patented Rapid Air Technology that uses fast-circulating hot air to create great-tasting fried food containing up to 80% less fat, Philips’ AirFryer  definitely found a fan in me. While my non-vegetarian friends told me the chicken-tikka cooked without oil wasn’t the best, the vegetarian me gorged on oil-free french fries.  The tasty fries even inspired me to do a short video-byte for Philips’ AirFryer. For the Indian cuisine, with its focus on oily, fried dishes, frying with air seemed promising and a healthy alternative to traditional frying.. You can read more about it here.

In the second session, a few presentations dragged on, fashion-photographer Hemant Sud made an appearance here as well (I blogged about meeting him at the last Fujifilm Meet), but it was Shangri-La’s Executive Chef and special guest Darren Conole’s quips that kept me interested. His lively sense of humour saved the session from dragging on. Post the presentation, Conole judged a special plating competition which witnessed two lovely ladies walking off with an AirFryer each: Deeba of Passionate About Baking and Priyanka aka TwilightFairy

The only thing that genuinely interested me was the food. Menu included fish, chicken curry, chicken & vegetarian lasagna,  rice,  wedges and a few salads and although there weren’t many options for vegetarians, I was duly satiated with the potato wedges and pudina-chutney and some well-cooked pasta. The brownies served for dessert were heavenly and when I was handed a box full of Dunkin’ Donuts as a parting gift, I was duly impressed. What a perfect way to bid adieu!

Sadly, what began and ended as a fantastic event, in retrospect seems to have been ridden with glitches. While I enjoyed the event and found it well-managed, the same cannot be said about everyone. The venue to begin with did not seem to interest the bloggers much. Simple things such as lack of drinking water and confusion over complimentary drinks turned an otherwise enjoyable event into a chore for some.

While I’d congratulate the 20:20 MSL team for a great effort, I do have a few suggestions. Hiring an emcee would be first on my list, followed by a smart choice of venue. But most importantly, avoid over-ambitious names as well as ones which come with a tonne of connotations attache.

Here are some photographs from the event.


Fujifilm launches XF1 Premium Digital Compact Camera

First of its kind Fujifilm Blogger’s Meet-cum-Launch event at The PArk in Connaught Place, Delhi, was an interesting experience where Fujifilm Corporation announced its latest offering for the India market – the premium compact XF1. The stylish new XF1 is the latest addition to Fujifilm’s X Series that offers premium compact cameras. I expected the event to be a boring launch. Thankfully, it was anything but that. No boring speeches or presentations, fun quiz events, a stand-up comedy act and some brilliant photography tips from celebrated fashion photographer Hemant Sood: event organisers knew how to cater to their audience which comprised of this city’s premier bloggers.

Fujifilm X10 on display

Sriwant Wariz, Head of Marketing at Fujifilm India, introduces the XF1: Lightweight, trendy, fully-retractable f/1.8 FUJINON lens, 2/3-inch EXR-CMOS sensor, EXR Processor, and available in three different colours.

Sangeeta Khanna of Healthfood Desivideshi listens intently.

Bloggers check out Fujifilm’s range of mirrorless cameras


Stand-up comedian Rajneesh Kapoor kept everyone entertained. We spoke post his performance about blogging, his comic strip, and the Indian stand-up scene. He is as humble in as he is funny. It was a pleasure meeting a performer who was so hands-on with his audience. You can connect with him on Twitter or on his Facebook page.


Minissha Lamba, actress and brand ambassador for Fujifilm, at the launch.

She talked about her experience with the XF1 and it’s ‘cool retro’ design that had bowled her over.

Renowned fashion photographer Hemant Sood stressed the individuality of the photographer’s vision and placed the aesthetics of photography over everything else. What he said resonated with me, so I clicked some flowers. Because.

More flowers. This time with a glass.

Komal of The Delhi Fashion Blogger checks out the XF1.

Vijay of Photo Journey tweets intently. He also won a Fujifilm camera for his tweets. Check out his post on the event.

Here’s what the XF1 can do. Pictures clicked using Fujifilm XF1 decorated a wall at the venue.

The XF1 is priced at Rs 33,989 in the Indian market. For more information about the XF1, you can read the press release of the event right here. Also check out Digital Photography Review.


I have tens of thousands of them, but I don’t intend to bore you with them. Fact of the matter is that I was careless and selfish and didn’t blog for almost two months. I was hoping to remedy that as soon as my exams ended (that was 5 days ago), but things have taken a  new turn and it seems I won’t be able to devote enough time to blogging. I will try to sneak in a post or two while I try to juggle between work (I am, sadly, working again), classes, more exams, house renovations and the festival season. With Diwali round the corner, my mom is in full ninja-mode and my otherwise non-existent family-life is suddenly overshadowing everything else.

I had big plans for FPP but lord help me if I can get the time to execute them. I have a long-list of places I’d like to go and shoot but with everything that’s going on, time has become a rare commodity. When I do end up going somewhere, genius that I am, I forget to carry my memory card. Believe it or not, this happened twice last month! ~hides face in shame~

I recently attended the launch event for Fujifilm’s latest point and shoot XF1 and was mighty impressed. I will do a post on it sometime soon (hopefully later today!).



What a simple word and yet such profound implications. I have been writing poetry for the last eight years or so and never really had the courage to submit one to a journal or publication for I am mortally afraid of rejection. But then one day I came across The name intrigued me and the concept struck home. So I mustered the courage to mail Shayne Terry, editor of Egg Poetry Journal, and she was kind enough to accept my poem.

Could I be any happier? Probably not.

So head over here, give it a read and let me know what you think of the poem.

You can also copy and paste the following link in your browser in case the hyperlink doesn’t work –