All the kids. Ever.

There is one thing I love about visiting my native place in Rajasthan. As soon as the camera comes out the bag, the kids flock to me like moths to a flame. I don’t even have to go around looking for interesting subjects to shoot.

This, here, is a percentage of kids I had to shoot. After this group shot, they were kind enough to line up and walk up to me one by one for individual photographs. They were not satisfied with one or two photographs either… it took about 10 clicks per kid to satiate their unbridled enthusiasm. I now have enough photographs of kids to last me a few years.

Young Kids_Rajasthan

(Click on the photograph for better resolution)



I made a short trip to Rajasthan for a cousin’s wedding, or rather, I was forced to by my parents, and dragged along unwillingly. Now, initially, I was thinking about doing something special for my hundredth post, but then I saw this and knew immediately that nothing I can come up with will beat these smiling faces I encountered in Rajasthan.

Presenting, very Happy #100 to FPP.

Thank you all for sticking around, for making this blog what it is and for being forever kind. I will try to be regular and to not disappoint you. If you have suggestions, brickbats, or just want to say hi, drop me a line at the listed e-mail address. See you around. 🙂



Holi is kind of a big deal in north India. I hate it. But one cannot deny what a great photo-op the festival is, and here are some shots I took this morning.


Colour clouds (Yellow)

These were scented gulaal crackers we used. Really pretty. I think I’ll get more of these next year.


Feet and Froth


Crimson swirls


Rainbow Feet


Colour Clouds (Blue)








Lilliputian Soldiers


Color me Purple Pink Blue and Green


Tangerine Eddy


Red Canvas Shoes


That’s it for today, folks! Which photo did you like best?

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