Last Diwali, I got the perfect opportunity to practice some bokeh. But as it happens with me, I forgot to post the pictures. I found them again while going through the archives yesterday and so here they are.

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Boredom. And firecrackers.

In my part of the world, life is currently non-existent. When I say my part of the world, I mean that fraction of a space where I live – under a rock. Here, the┬áreigning┬áking, His Highness Exam III, has put a ban on all things good and this includes the will to exist.
I hope you can forgive me for not visiting your blogs. It is hard to resist, but once I start perusing the blogosphere, I hardly ever go back to what I should be doing (drowning in 7.65 tons of literature). But I’ll get right to it as soon as I’m done with my exams. So while I battle my existential crisis, here’s a little treat for you guys.


Firecrackers are just the tip of the iceberg

No, really. I have over a thousand photographs from Diwali. I cannot figure out a way of posting them here, or anywhere else for that matter, without killing the internet.


The day I figure out an easy way to sort of automatically add non-ugly-looking watermarks, every post will have at the very least five pictures. Promise.

Meanwhile, here’s one.

Happy Diwali

I am painfully aware of the delay in posting this but better late than never, right? Here’s wishing everyone a very Happy Diwali. I spent my Diwali making rangolis, decorating the house with diyas, and photographing firecrackers while gorging on food no human who doesn’t wish to die of sheer calorie intake should ever touch. What did you do?

You know there’s more coming, right? There’s more coming.