Where the very Maytime sunlight plays and glows with spectral gleams


There’s an ancient, ancient garden that I see sometimes in dreams,
Where the very Maytime sunlight plays and glows with spectral gleams;
Where the gaudy-tinted blossoms seem to wither into grey,
And the crumbling walls and pillars waken thoughts of yesterday.
There are vines in nooks and crannies, and there’s moss about the pool,
And the tangled weedy thicket chokes the arbour dark and cool:
In the silent sunken pathways springs an herbage sparse and spare,
Where the musty scent of dead things dulls the fragrance of the air.
There is not a living creature in the lonely space around,
And the hedge-encompass’d quiet never echoes to a sound.
As I walk, and wait, and listen, I will often seek to find
When it was I knew that garden in an age long left behind;
I will oft conjure a vision of a day that is no more,
As I gaze upon the grey, grey scenes I feel I knew before.
Then a sadness settles o’er me, and a tremor seems to start:
For I know the flow’rs are shrivell’d hopes—the garden is my heart!

A Garden by H. P. Lovecraft


Just yesterday, over at Cardnial Guzman’s, I noticed a very interesting challenge that completely had me going if it weren’t for the high temperatures here in Delhi. It’s hitting 40 C and it’ll only get worse. But then I remembered this particular photograph. This was taken on my recent trip to Chandigarh (I’ve posted pictures from it here, here, and here), and I had to post it.

Heaven and Earth

Awe. Yes, awe. That’s the only thing that comes to mind whenever I gaze at this picture. Makes me feel so insignificant, and at the same time unbelievably lucky for getting the chance to capture this sight. It has come out slightly grainier than I would’ve liked (doesn’t make a good wallpaper, you see), but I can live with that.


I would love to hear what you have to say about the photograph. How does it make you feel? Drop a comment. 🙂

PS: Have you ever wondered what that smoky trail behind a jet is? I always did and while tagging this post discovered that they are called contrails , short for condensation trails. They look like clouds because that’s exactly what they are and how long they last depends on the amount of moisture in air. You will find some stunning photographs of contrails here.