Fujifilm launches XF1 Premium Digital Compact Camera

First of its kind Fujifilm Blogger’s Meet-cum-Launch event at The PArk in Connaught Place, Delhi, was an interesting experience where Fujifilm Corporation announced its latest offering for the India market – the premium compact XF1. The stylish new XF1 is the latest addition to Fujifilm’s X Series that offers premium compact cameras. I expected the event to be a boring launch. Thankfully, it was anything but that. No boring speeches or presentations, fun quiz events, a stand-up comedy act and some brilliant photography tips from celebrated fashion photographer Hemant Sood: event organisers knew how to cater to their audience which comprised of this city’s premier bloggers.

Fujifilm X10 on display

Sriwant Wariz, Head of Marketing at Fujifilm India, introduces the XF1: Lightweight, trendy, fully-retractable f/1.8 FUJINON lens, 2/3-inch EXR-CMOS sensor, EXR Processor, and available in three different colours.

Sangeeta Khanna of Healthfood Desivideshi listens intently.

Bloggers check out Fujifilm’s range of mirrorless cameras


Stand-up comedian Rajneesh Kapoor kept everyone entertained. We spoke post his performance about blogging, his comic strip, and the Indian stand-up scene. He is as humble in as he is funny. It was a pleasure meeting a performer who was so hands-on with his audience. You can connect with him on Twitter or on his Facebook page.


Minissha Lamba, actress and brand ambassador for Fujifilm, at the launch.

She talked about her experience with the XF1 and it’s ‘cool retro’ design that had bowled her over.

Renowned fashion photographer Hemant Sood stressed the individuality of the photographer’s vision and placed the aesthetics of photography over everything else. What he said resonated with me, so I clicked some flowers. Because.

More flowers. This time with a glass.

Komal of The Delhi Fashion Blogger checks out the XF1.

Vijay of Photo Journey tweets intently. He also won a Fujifilm camera for his tweets. Check out his post on the event.

Here’s what the XF1 can do. Pictures clicked using Fujifilm XF1 decorated a wall at the venue.

The XF1 is priced at Rs 33,989 in the Indian market. For more information about the XF1, you can read the press release of the event right here. Also check out Digital Photography Review.


An Afternoon at Cheri

In the last post I mentioned my visit to Cheri One Qutub. What was a random invite late one evening translated to a wonderful afternoon of pizzas, wine and conversation. The event kick-started with a short introduction to Four Season wine by Mr. Abhay Kewadkar, followed by a live cooking session by Chef Raman Kohli.

Chef Raman preparing scallops at the live-cooking session at Cheri

Scallops and wine, anyone?

So while he cooked and people watched, Cheri’s ambiance made sure I strayed from the group. I headed for the roof hoping it offered a view of Qutub Minar (located right across the road from Cheri). I was disappointed, though. Cheri’s trees lend it a very serene feel, but also blocked the view to Qutub.

In hindsight, I think I’d take the greenery over Qutub. The roof was probably the best place to sit and enjoy a meal in peace, but it was raining so I took a couple of hurried shots and headed back in.

The large windows that I fell in love with.

Inside, the live cooking and wine tasting continued.

Personally, I enjoyed the blanc most. It might have to do with the fact that it was the first wine served and I hadn’t yet started socializing.

Three wines were served with three courses. A sauvignon blanc with starters, a blush with the main course, and the prize-winning cabernet sauvignon (my personal favorite) with the dessert. To be perfectly honest, more than the food and wine, it was the photo-opportunity that kept me on my feet all day. Wine and wine glasses make beautiful subjects!

Arvind Khanna enjoying his sauvignon blanc

Crystal clear pretty!

Blush served with the main course: chicken mushroom.

Cheri’s quiet ambiance absolutely won me over. Helpful and polite staff only added to its charm.

Chef Raman’s delicious dessert.


Prize winning Four Seasons Cabenet Sauvignon served with dessert. My favorite wine and my favorite shot of the day. Love.


The winsome ladies.

Of Wine and Conversations

I was invited to an event organised by Ginger Claps at Cheri One in conjunction with Four Seasons this afternoon. Wonderful ambiance, interesting conversations and oh boy, don’t even get me started on the wine. I believe I should let it do the talking.


Dell Blogathon 2012 – The unfortunately titled event

Dell Blogathon 2012 was an interesting event, that it had nothing to do with blogs per se is a different matter altogether.

The event was hosted at The Second Sin, MGF Metropolitan Mall in Delhi and sponsored by Dell, Belkin and Yebhi.com. Fairly big names who, as was expected, spent a decent amount of time self-promoting. Dell showcased its three latest laptops including the XPS 13. Fancy machine. Representatives from Belkin and Yebhi.com talked about their latest ventures.

The parched crowd having traveled from various parts of the city (and some even from different cities) in the scorching heat heaved a sigh of relief when the drinks started flowing (free Foster’s for the win!). Once the snacks were dished out the mood improved further. The taste palette was in for a real ride with dishes like Lazy Snakes Rolls, Farmville Potatoes and Spotify Paneer, but my favorite was the Instagram Cake, probably the tastiest strawberry cheesecake I’ve had in a long time.

Once everyone had had their full, we settled down again for the ‘Amazing People Series’ and met four interesting fellas. Karan Singh, the psycho-illusionist, wowed the audience with his ready wit and extraordinary talent. This was followed by a talk by Abhishek Baxi who planned his entire wedding on Evernote. Unfortunately, I missed Gaurav Mishra, or more popularly, Gauravonomics, for I was craving a smoke. But I’m glad I returned in time to catch Andrew Hoffland or Uncle Andy as he is fondly called. ‘Jack of all trades and master of none’ (his words, not mine), he is one colorful personality who infused a new enthusiasm in the crowd with his excellent mimicry skills and crackling wit.

I even got the chance to use my dormant Twitter account to tweet about the event, but since I was only doing so for the prizes, I got bored soon enough and stopped. Prizes were distributed and the event came to a close with cameras clicking away to glory.

Finally, to elaborate on the opening statement: here was an event that called itself a blogathon, but sadly, forgot an essential quality of bloggers. You may choose to disagree, but most of the bloggers I have come across are a tad socially inept (yours truly included), and take some time before opening up. Sadly, the maze-like decor of the venue, lack of open spaces and absence of a formal introduction session dampened the enthusiasm. I, for one, chose not to roam around and mingle because no matter where I went, I kept bumping into people or awkwardly placed furniture.  Another grievance many voiced was regarding the agenda of the meet. Bloggers come from all walks of life and the event saw in attendance food bloggers, photo-bloggers, writers, fashion-bloggers, social commentators, tech-bloggers and even power-point bloggers (wonder what that constitutes). It was a mixed bag of people who, at a certain level, failed to connect for myriad reasons. I reckon if the agenda was spelled out clearly in the invite, it would’ve helped attract like-minded individuals.

Nevertheless, one must applaud the organisers’ effort. For an inaugural event, it was quite successful. So, kudos to them, and here’s hoping that the next blogathon is even better.

Photographs from the event –


Demonstrating the Belkin contraption that connects to the set top box at home and lets you watch TV on the go.

Uncle Andy