Of Wine and Conversations

I was invited to an event organised by Ginger Claps at Cheri One in conjunction with Four Seasons this afternoon. Wonderful ambiance, interesting conversations and oh boy, don’t even get me started on the wine. I believe I should let it do the talking.




His name is Eklavya: he is four and just by the way he looks at you, you know he is going to grow up to be a poet.  He told me he cannot sleep; not during the day, not at night. He told me he hardly sleeps and then he asked me if I can teach him how to. I told him to play video-games. I wish I could have told him to write poetry, but then again, maybe he does. Maybe, that’s what keeps him awake.


Kite-Flying on Independence Day

Kite-flying is almost synonymous with the Indian Independence Day. It is also something I regret never learning. Today, though, I was as much a part of the Independence Day celebrations in our locality as possible. I took upon the onus of chronicling the event for posterity’s sake.

For some reason, a day that comprised of junk food, sodas, rowdy teenagers, swearing adults, and some interestingly lewd songs, was a real hoot! Happy 66th Independence Day, India. 🙂

I cannot possibly upload all the photos in the same post, so I’ve decided to upload them on the facebook page instead. You can check the page in the next few days. I’ll keep uploading photos by and by.

Here’s a sneak peak.

When it rained

It’s been raining on and off in Delhi and I’ve been somewhat scared of taking the camera out and being caught in a downpour. I don’t trust bags and covers to keep my baby safe. Not yet atleast. Maybe I’ll learn to take chances by and by.

Last time it rained, Arts Faculty at Delhi University (otherwise known as the place where I go to waste my time and my parents’ money)  transformed into a haven: the kind Romantics would write odes about.

Here are some pictures I clicked with my Nokia E5.