The last time this blog saw any regular activity was in March. Ever since then there have been a few irregular posts, but to say that I have been utterly callous is probably an understatement. A lot has conspired in these last few months and this post is an attempt to catch you all up on it.

April and May were gruelling months. For those unaware, I completed my post-graduation this year and my final exams were scheduled for May. This meant studying for over 10 hours a day and surviving on Maggi and coffee. As such, I could not spare even the few moments required to make a post.

With June, came the spate of interviews. Hopefully a postgraduate, I saddled up with my paperwork, Swiss knife (you never know where you might need it) and quick wit and set out each day in the hope of finding someone who was willing to employ me. This herculean effort finally paid off and I landed a job. I figured now that my basic struggle is over and I have a definite schedule, I would be able to blog.

But alas, it was not to be. A month and a half into this new job, I finally got down to writing this post. To admit that I am ashamed for neglecting the blog thus. To promise that I shall do my best to ensure the blog runs smoothly from now on. For all the blogs that I have conveniently neglected over the last few months, please accept my sincerest apologies. I shall make sure to drop by more often now.

See you around!