Bored and depressed

If the title of this post made you rush here, then you might just be more sadistic than you give yourself credit for. But with all due respect, this post is about me. For the last one week, I’ve had absolutely nothing to do except stay at home and try or pretend (the latter mostly) to study/work. While all my friends were busy enjoying their mid-semester vacations (road trips and usual debauchery), I rested my ass off and finished watching the entire ten seasons of FRIENDS for the nth time.

I had made a 21-point list of stuff I had to accomplish in these vacations. I was all geared to make the most of them. What happened, you ask? Beats me! Lethargy, procrastination and clinical depression struck, it seems. Again. And the fact that I haven’t had a single smoke in over a week has only added to my woes. I’ve been PMSing without actually PMSing. 

Now that I’m done puking all over my blog, here’s a little gift for all of you. I tried flipping my regular 18-55 mm lens to try my hand at macro again. I didn’t like any of the shots. But I did some post-processing on one till I thought it was good enough to be posted here. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, 

The Maze