Macro photography without a macro lens

I’m no photographer; a novice, really. But getting close – REAL CLOSE – to the subject has always fascinated me. Close enough to be able to photograph a single thread, to see what really your eyes’ little whirlpools look like. Of course there was a brief period during high school when I took a fixation to check everything out under a microscope. Being a Biology student I had ready access to everything I needed. I’m sure I managed to create slides of everything I could lay my hands on, but my favorite will always be blood. My blood. But I digress.

I discovered that macro photography is possible even without a Macro lens, and decided to give it a shot. Since the fixation continues, I’ll upload more pictures from time to time. For now, enjoy a view of my brother’s eye. I understand it’s mediocre at best, but I suppose for an amateur and first-timer, it would do.

And another one…