One of the few sensitive and sensible voices to come out of the debate following the Delhi Gangrape. Please give it a read.

The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker

It does seem that more of us are acknowledging that India needs to stop telling Indian women how to mould their lives to prevent rapes by ensuring they stay as invisible as possible. (For example, by not doing anything every other woman is not doing.)

We are also being more honest about how putting the responsibility of prevention of sexual crimes on the victims emboldens criminals, and prevents a real understanding of sexual crimes.

Unlike in the past, misogynists are finding it less easy to get away with Rape Culture promoting comments. We are hearing more voices that are trying to understand that It was not just the driver who raped her.

Sharing an email. I see this as a positive.


I got this link which resonates my thoughts and if everyone is with this same attitude violence against women will drastically come down. The script is in…

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