An Afternoon at Cheri

In the last post I mentioned my visit to Cheri One Qutub. What was a random invite late one evening translated to a wonderful afternoon of pizzas, wine and conversation. The event kick-started with a short introduction to Four Season wine by Mr. Abhay Kewadkar, followed by a live cooking session by Chef Raman Kohli.

Chef Raman preparing scallops at the live-cooking session at Cheri

Scallops and wine, anyone?

So while he cooked and people watched, Cheri’s ambiance made sure I strayed from the group. I headed for the roof hoping it offered a view of Qutub Minar (located right across the road from Cheri). I was disappointed, though. Cheri’s trees lend it a very serene feel, but also blocked the view to Qutub.

In hindsight, I think I’d take the greenery over Qutub. The roof was probably the best place to sit and enjoy a meal in peace, but it was raining so I took a couple of hurried shots and headed back in.

The large windows that I fell in love with.

Inside, the live cooking and wine tasting continued.

Personally, I enjoyed the blanc most. It might have to do with the fact that it was the first wine served and I hadn’t yet started socializing.

Three wines were served with three courses. A sauvignon blanc with starters, a blush with the main course, and the prize-winning cabernet sauvignon (my personal favorite) with the dessert. To be perfectly honest, more than the food and wine, it was the photo-opportunity that kept me on my feet all day. Wine and wine glasses make beautiful subjects!

Arvind Khanna enjoying his sauvignon blanc

Crystal clear pretty!

Blush served with the main course: chicken mushroom.

Cheri’s quiet ambiance absolutely won me over. Helpful and polite staff only added to its charm.

Chef Raman’s delicious dessert.


Prize winning Four Seasons Cabenet Sauvignon served with dessert. My favorite wine and my favorite shot of the day. Love.


The winsome ladies.


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