Kite-Flying on Independence Day

Kite-flying is almost synonymous with the Indian Independence Day. It is also something I regret never learning. Today, though, I was as much a part of the Independence Day celebrations in our locality as possible. I took upon the onus of chronicling the event for posterity’s sake.

For some reason, a day that comprised of junk food, sodas, rowdy teenagers, swearing adults, and some interestingly lewd songs, was a real hoot! Happy 66th Independence Day, India. 🙂

I cannot possibly upload all the photos in the same post, so I’ve decided to upload them on the facebook page instead. You can check the page in the next few days. I’ll keep uploading photos by and by.

Here’s a sneak peak.


12 thoughts on “Kite-Flying on Independence Day

  1. Independence!! correct 🙂

    2, 3 & 4 are my favs. 🙂 and especially, 2nd pic or similar type of pic in other posts – inspired me to try such stuff and it worked out well I think! I will post them soon.

    I must say it over and over, again – you really have something very essential in your eye for the view finder and the finger for the shutter button!

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