When it rained

It’s been raining on and off in Delhi and I’ve been somewhat scared of taking the camera out and being caught in a downpour. I don’t trust bags and covers to keep my baby safe. Not yet atleast. Maybe I’ll learn to take chances by and by.

Last time it rained, Arts Faculty at Delhi University (otherwise known as the place where I go to waste my time and my parents’ money)  transformed into a haven: the kind Romantics would write odes about.

Here are some pictures I clicked with my Nokia E5.



6 thoughts on “When it rained

  1. doesn’t matter what camera you use! You definitely click well and the photos are beautiful. 🙂

    p.s: I had to keep my camera home even on a trek to a hill station! I was afraid, my camera would get cold and may start coughing! 😀

  2. Your 2nd photo up there has at its approximate centre a clump of vines, which I recently tried to stroke as if it were an oversized beard (my head being positioned between the twin pillars supporting said beard). But from your photographing location, this goatee seems to double up as a “go green” coffin covering everything except my head!

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