From the archives

“One day I might be the deepest imprint embossed upon your heart; the second, a mere acquaintance and the third, just a fading memory…”

This is a rather old photo I took sometime in 2010 on visit to our native village in Rajasthan. Shot with a friend’s point and shoot (I didn’t own a camera back then; I made do with borrowing), the photo isn’t staged. The woman merely happened to be walking in front of me and when she reached the bower, I knew I had to shoot.


14 thoughts on “From the archives

  1. See, this is why I like villages! in a city, that girl would have turned right around and given you a juicy slice of tongue for taking a photo without permission!
    do visit!

    • Yes, that’s true! Though, let me clarify, woman, not girl. I’m quite desperate to go back to my village now that I’m armed with my 550D. But it’s still too hot for a visit to Rajasthan. Later in the year, perhaps.

      You’ve just reminded me of a set of photographs of some kids I took on the same trip. They were all so eager to be shot and those joyful little faces made brilliant subjects. I should do a post on that next. Thanks for the idea!

      Will visit. 🙂

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