FPP gets featured!

Vayavya’s latest (fourth) issue features a gallery by yours truly. Do take a look here – http://vayavya.webs.com/kriti-sharma (embedding didn’t work; WP take note).

Let me know which one you liked. Also, Academy Award winning speech ahead, be warned!

Thank you for all the love and support. It really has been great so far. 7 months, almost 4000 views and 90 followers later, I lack words to tell you just how grateful I am for everything. When I discontinued my last blog and shifted here, Icould’ve never imagined this extraordinary a response. You are all so wonderful!

Here is my favorite photo from the gallery. My current wallpaper, this was taken on the way to Bangalore. The train is Bangalore Rajdhani. This is some hour and a half from Bangalore. I admit it was a risky shot, I was dangling outside the gate, but it certainly was worth it!

Let me know if you notice something special. I’ll reveal the secret in the next post. Let’s see who is smart enough to figure it out!

The Journey (B7)

(Click on the picture for better resolution. Trust me, you want to.)


10 thoughts on “FPP gets featured!

  1. heyyy! that looks a very nice place to get featured. hearty congratulations lady. You deserve it simple with no exaggeration. is that all with your 18-55mm? God, you have great eyes, must be gifted by manufacturer of the nature itself, to make you see through the view finder. I am so so happy! 🙂

    • I*t is, indeed. Vayavya is an upcoming literary journal which appreciates creativity. 🙂
      And yes, every single picture I have ever clicked is with the 18-55mm. I don;t have any other lens yet. I’ll buy new ones next year, hopefully. I wish someone would buy a print or two of the photographs so I could buy lenses, but that’ll have to wait, I suppose. 😛

  2. Just by the first look of it, I liked the beautiful pic in this post – reason not known 🙂
    not sure of the smartness, but I tell you what I liked in the pic after looking at it for a few seconds.
    a. steam engine – no smoke and no wires, etc is rare to get on a train when the engine is captured
    b. the black and white stones on the right parallel to the train
    c. the arrangement is cool

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