Back from Bangalore

… and here’s presenting yet another hurried post.

Much could be said about the trip to Bangalore but we shall wait for a time when I’m not as sleep deprived as now. A little anecdote though – already sleep-deprived, running a fever and somewhat stoned, I reached the railway station to discover that my ticket was not confirmed. If you are familiar with the Indian Railways, an unconfirmed (RAC) ticket basically means you get a seat that you essentially have to share with another person. For a couple of hours, that’s alright, bearable. For 36 hours, not so much. Nevertheless, what had to be done, had to be done. I finally did get a seat 26 hours after boarding the train. Most of those 26 hours were spent standing by the door smoking the frigging air out of my lungs.

After spending that long a time at a blessed door, anybody would feel a certain propensity towards it, I suppose. I know I did. What I saw the evening before we reached Delhi was a rude shock. The door reciprocated my current state of mind as well. And this is how the window to the world, the most important part of that door, looked –

“Death has a thousand doors to let out life: I shall find one”

– Philip Massinger

More from Bangalore later, folksies. Peace out!


15 thoughts on “Back from Bangalore

    • Thank you. Thank you. It seems rest of the photos from Lore will have to wait. A friend has already put claims on them for his journal.. and here I was thinking of daily updates. Ah well..

      How have you been? Planning to return to blogging anytime soon?

      • let the claims prevail. 🙂 good for you. Some day, you can have a photo store. I am a customer for sure. 🙂

        waiting anyway, for your updates. 🙂 i kind of missed your lines and shots.

        I am alright. and no my friend, not anytime soon to blogging. There was a day, many thoughts on mind and created a new blog too, and withdrew finally. I would see, if the urge matches the need for a smoke, i will certainly post.

        true, I am pleased that you asked me.

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