Crazy, crazy night (and bonus doodle)

A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?
– Albert Einstein

When you find

Yourself, crying

Middle o’the night

Let Edna die, Orlando transform

from man to woman

change not just clothes, but form

Shakespeare kill an entire

Fleet and then revive

But you, you cannot survive

Without a smoke, a light, a puff,

do not fret

draw crazy-ass stuff,

and post it on your blog.

No kidding.

~insert poker face~

In case you’re wondering why the picture, well, that’s a random doodle I was drawing when I was supposed to have been studying. In case you’re wondering why the poem, don’t. In fact, please excuse this entire post. I’m going crazy. I need to drink the shit out of my textbooks. Alas, that’s not an option right now. So, good night, for crazy it is, a crazy crazy night! (sing that last bit like Aladdin’s theme song ends.)


21 thoughts on “Crazy, crazy night (and bonus doodle)

  1. and who says you aren’t?
    Intelligence is not something that we can measure from how much we study,not in the indian education system atleast!
    So,that’s settled-owls we are!

    • You make a valid argument, sir, but alas, it is this messed up Indian education system that (more or less) decides the course of my entire life, so I choose to believe it regardless of knowing how absolutely useless it really is.

  2. haha… I’m sorry for laughing here but that’s what I’m left with after reading about your exams.

    One bad advice: just get over with them however crazy they’re driving you! We are just here for your good stuff even after a few days.

    And, both my intelligent friends, just get out of your academic stuff with good scores. 🙂

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