Ravenclaw Pride (Hogwarts House Pens)

This is my best friend’s rather generous birthday gift for me. More than 6000 kms apart (she’s in London, I’m in Delhi), she made it a point to buy my birthday gift – the entire set of Hogwarts House Pens – even though she knew it would be a long time before I got them. I received them last week, more than two months after my birthday and my oh my, was the wait worth it! The pens are an absolute delight. Best birthday gift I ever received. EVER.

Here’s the first of the lot- Ravenclaw House Pen. Why? Because Pottermore says I’m a Ravenclaw!

PS: I’m 22 and crazy about Harry Potter. Deal with it.


16 thoughts on “Ravenclaw Pride (Hogwarts House Pens)

  1. This friend of yours sounds absolutely swell. I bet she’s suave, sophisticated and sexy. Maybe i could date her.
    PS: What is a Ravenclaw? And what in the world is a Pottermore?!

    • You’re spot on. This friend is all that and more. I bet you’re eager to meet her, aren’t ya? She lives quite close by. If you want I could arrange for you two to meet at ‘The Mirror’

      PS: Did I mention I love her? Yes, you have competition.

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