Squall in the City

Last night I posted about the squall that hit Delhi day before. A common summer occurence, it uprooted a few trees here and there, caused traffic jams, power-cuts and brought with it refreshing showers. Powerful winds flew my dustbin a couple of houses away, and I had to fetch it before it flew in the neighbouring plot. (Note to self: The dustbin is not made of gold and has no Harry Potter connection whatsoever. To put it simply, not worth venturing out in a storm.)

Later though, when the sky cleared a bit, Delhi witnessed a most beautiful sunset. Here are some photos from the same.









Which one did you like best?

Oh, also, if you know of a good watermarking software or site, please tell me. I’m quite sick of picmarkr.com. It is excruciatingly slow.


8 thoughts on “Squall in the City

  1. You leave me a great deal of choice and confusion too, to chose one!! 😉

    I like all of them.

    This is a very lovely post on your blog after the holi colours, for its pictures and mood. 🙂

  2. Of course, heaven and earth, Lights (your fascination for them) are also of a very good mood – Holi and the sunset (this one) get my vote, if I am asked too. 🙂

  3. My fav pic is the last one after checking them on PC now. Can you send me a high-res version?

    P.S: when looked at on small mobile screen, they were all wonderful!

      • Out of 9 months in India, I ended up spending 3 of them in Delhi. I can safely say that I spent more time in Delhi than the usual visitor/tourist! I loved the hulchul of Delhi: Hindustan Merajaan!

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