I have a fascination with lights. All kind. There’s something about them that photographs well. I do not wish to analyse what makes them so fascinating. I find them ethereal. ‘Nuff said.

So, here’s a collection of photographs of some light sources.

1. Evening Sun

The sun, as it looks like on a regular December evening. Shot from my terrace. Had to crop the original remarkably.

2. Candles in a Bowl

Shot at a Christmas Party. Honestly, this was the only good thing at the party.

3. Turned On

Samsung NC 10. A friend's.

4. Blue Butterfly

I once knew someone who blogged under that alias. I wish she was still around. This is a friend's rather interesting portable hard-disk drive.

5. Ambushed

The only remotely good thing at Hotel Teej's lounge in Jaipur.

6. Captive Flames

At the cafe atop Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur, taken on a beautiful night.

7. The Victory Lantern

Again, at the cafe atop Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur.

8. The Phosphorescent Cinquefoil

At the Albert Hall in Jaipur.

9. Flowers in a Lightbulb

Title courtesy: Mihir Vatsa. My brain stopped working. Also, I forgot where this was taken.

10. Juxtaposed 

Again, at Hotel Teej in Jaipur.

And just some random shots of the sun I took from the train while on my way to Jaipur.

11. Sundown

12. Hide and Seek

13. Burning Bright



Which one is your favorite? Do you have any suggestions what I should photograph next? Just leave a comment. Thanks.


9 thoughts on “Lights

  1. Great shots on a theme. I too have that facination but haven’t explored it. After seeing what you’ve done, it encouraged me to do the same. Thank you for sharing your facination.

    • Please do. Lights make for a very appealing subject. Drop a link here once you post. I’d like to include it in the post if you allow me to.

      Thanks for visiting, Max! Hope to see you around 🙂

  2. I usually prefer photos of nature over man made objects, but I really love the shot 7. of the lantern. The way it illuminated the intricate pattern behind it is wonderful

    • Funny I never even thought about whether I prefer shots of nature or man-made object. Perhaps it doesn’t matter as long as the shot manages to aesthetically appeal to me. I’m glad you liked the lantern. I call in the victory lantern for a reason. 😉

  3. My favorite was captive flames, but that is because I used to be a pyromaniac I think. Good photo of the sun among the reeds too. And ooh, you included the picture of the inverted meh-face with horns (no.10)

  4. I had to climb on the water-tank to click number 1! It came out good enough, I guess. The meh-face is one of my personal favorites. How could I not include it 🙂

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