Rainbows in the Sky

She will remember how every evening
her father helped her paint, while
Mumma prepared her favorite dishes

Just as her father remembers her exuberant
voice, returning from school
with yet another prized drawing.

Unable even to see her precious face,
he lamented the darkness in his life.

It was Rainbows in the Sky
they always or never drew together.

(Initially posted on Kreation)


4 thoughts on “Rainbows in the Sky

  1. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this poem as a response to this particular picture. I thought it would be some other one, but as much as I like the poem and the photograph, I also like how they gel well together. Lovely poem, Face, with poignancy and childhood nostalgia.

    Best wishes.

  2. That’s what kept me from posting this picture! I had the idea for the poem the second I transferred the photo, but you know it took a lot of help and substantial number of rewrites to finally reach a point where I was happy with the poem.
    Glad you like the combination. 🙂

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